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    Thank you for visiting Hyphenated Photography... Taking pictures has been my great enjoyment since I was given my first disposable camera... remember those?

    You might not know what a disposable camera is and that's okay, I don't know much about high-tech photography.. Most of my photos have been taken with my phone and I like to keep it simple.

    For me, taking photos is an attempt to capture images that call to my attention and many times make me feel curiosity, awe and even reverence.

    I want to remember and share the wonders I've seen.

    I also hope to encourage all of us to observe. The more we slow down to observe, the more we can see.

    Go ahead, take a walk or sit outside and use your phone! Let go of perfectionism and/or judgment.

    Our eyes see beauty!

    We simply need to slow down, observe and see.

    P.S. I am not on social media (for over two years now).

    My professional website is




    "Beauty is not caused... It is."

    -Emily Dickinson 



  • Wall Art

    6 limited editions

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    "Heart Tree"

    Canvas 16in X 20in

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    "To Kneel"

    Frame 21in X 27in

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    "Seasons Collage"

    Frame 17in X 21in

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    "Pink & Pollen"

    Canvas 14in X 14in

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    "Purple Pettals"

    Canvas 14in X 14in

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    Canvas 16in X 16in


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